Your Face Custom Giant Face Cushion
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Your Face Custom Giant Face Cushion

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Your face...we love it! A face can tell a million stories right? Maybe it's an angry face to scare other men/women away from your partner, a memory of your favourite niece or your dogs🐶, cats😺 or goldfish's cute face... can goldfishes make cute faces? We aren't sure...they certainly aren't lucky enough to have an emoji created for them!

Anyway we print your chosen face HUGEEE over a custom shaped cushion...what more could you want?

How does it work?

Upload your face and we will place it on a huge custom shaped pillow to the shape of your head (or that of your partner, friends, pet etc 🙈.) We will send you a mock up to approve (because we want to make sure you are 100% happy!) before sending the artwork to be printed, packed and shipped out to you!💯

Before you know it you'll have a giant version of yours or a partners face just chilling around the house on your sofa 😍

Just so you aware by uploading a picture on our website you are agreeing that you have the rights to use the image and the consent of any individual(s) featured if applicable. 🔥

The Cushion

Sizes: 60 x 40 cm, Double stitching and over-locked. Strong zip.
Dye-sublimation printing Front and back 
Machine washable

Please note as this is a custom item it is not eligible for returns or exchanges. Please make sure you check the size guide before ordering!

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